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Will you be Prime Minister?



At the next Federal Election I’m running for one of the twelve NSW seats in the Australian senate. 

If you’re a little dusty on what the senate does let me explain: the senate exists as a defence against the tyranny of a ruling party pushing through outrageous bills by virtue of its majority in the house of representatives. 

There are seventy-six senators, twelve from each state, and two from each of the territories.  

NSW, right now, is represented by the ALP, the Coalition and the Greens. 

Where’s the voice of the average citizen, people like you and me, who believe in capitalism, who believe in the system, but who feel like corporate Australia has too much influence?  And with that influence, distorting the market and endangering the environment? 

Voting for me, and my party, in the senate doesn’t mean you can’t vote for ScoMo or Albo in the house of reps.

If you want a Labor or Coalition government, you’ll still get it.