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At the next Federal Election I’m running for one of the twelve NSW seats in the Australian senate. 

If you’re a little dusty on what the senate does let me explain: the senate exists as a defence against the tyranny of a ruling party pushing through outrageous bills by virtue of its majority in the house of representatives. 

There are seventy-six senators, twelve from each state, and two from each of the territories.  

NSW, right now, is represented by the ALP, the Coalition and the Greens. 

Where’s the voice of the average citizen, people like you and me, who believe in capitalism, who believe in the system, but who feel like corporate Australia has too much influence?  And with that influence, distorting the market and endangering the environment? 

Voting for me, and my party, in the senate doesn’t mean you can’t vote for ScoMo or Albo in the house of reps.

If you want a Labor or Coalition government, you’ll still get it.

For you.

Legacy and the well-being of the society & culture, the planet, commerce & the future of our children  are very important to me and, I’m guessing, for you, too.

And, I believe we’re at a pivotal fork in the road as a society. A point where we can shake off the bigger is better mentality, dilute the influence of corporate lobbyists on government and see the trickle-down-effect theory for what it is, bullshit.

What am I going to do about it?

I’m running for a senate seat at the next Federal election in NSW.

Let me ask you the same question.

I want to truly represent the people. I will take submissions on every piece of law that comes before me in the Senate before I vote on it. You will get a say.

Let me tell you my values: I care deeply about the well-being of the society & culture, the planet, commerce & the future of our children.

The Living Room and the cast and crew are like family to me. There may be some slight changes to my filming schedule but the network and I are very happy and confident that I can manage both jobs. Amanda, Chris and Miguel all have businesses and other jobs, and now I hope to as well. Many senators work as members of the parties or have businesses to run etc.

I’ve always been involved and interested in politics and in 2004 ran as an independent for Waverley, although unsuccessfully, In hindsight, I’m glad things worked out the way they did because I feel blessed with my life and the opportunities I’ve had.

That’s an interesting question and there is mixed response but all are supportive. 
The first thing a few friends have asked is, why? You have an amazing life and politics, why would you? So I tell ‘em that having two nine-year-old kids, being 60 and having been faced with my own challenges, I often find myself awake at night worrying about the world we’re leaving for them. The day I leave this world I need to know I have done everything in my power to see they’re safe and secure for the life.
You know, I’ve had incredible support and love from so many people. When I fell five stories off a building and broke my back and when cancer came back a second time, everyone said, ‘You will beat this, Baz, you will survive, you have the will to win.' 
Now, and for the first time in my life, I’m told I should be worried. Political parties and their lobbyists are powerful. They are lethal monsters with no conscience. They will do anything to maintain power, it’s all they care about; that they will lie cheat and, even worse, whatever that is, smear in the press I suppose, to anyone that tries to change that. 
So that’s why I’m running for senate. 
To put these parties, who are completely unshackled from what is right and what is wrong, on watch. 
The good thing about something like cancer is it’s a wake-up call. I get a check every three months and I’m great mental and physical health. You have to be. Any illness that wants to get in the ring with me is getting in the ring with a man ready to fight. 
It was that brush with death that allows me to see the world differently. Any one who has come face-to-face with their mortality will tell you the same thing.