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7 Pillars

Sustainability is meeting our needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. 

Sustainability has three pillars: economic, environmental and social or, simply, profits, planet, and people. 

For me to support a piece of legislation, it must be clear in the constitution of that legislation that there is a serious commitment to sustainability.

I believe in capitalism and the workings of a free market.

While the free market and capitalism are not identical economic systems, they often go hand-in-hand.

A healthy combination of these economic platforms means less corporate welfare, a fairer tax system and incentives to boost innovation. The result is sustainable wealth for both the Commonwealth and individuals.

A culturally inclusive environment requires mutual respect, effective relationships, clear communication, explicit understandings about expectations and critical self-reflection. No one group should be demonised, or favoured, for political gain. 

Education is the pathway to individuality, innovation and greater human development. The future of our nation relies heavily on that pathway. Education might be Australia’s third largest export but it doesn’t mean we have free and equal education for all. 

How will a piece of legislation affect our access to doctors, to hospitals, to fairly priced medicines? How will it ensure regional hospitals service their communities in the same manner as Australians who live in a capital city? Like education, health must be free and equal. We’re a rich country. Nobody has to die for lack of medical care. 

For too long, legislation has favoured well-financed individuals and special interest groups. In the past twenty years, lobbyists have generated millions of dollars in commissions making sure those individuals and groups get what they want with little regard for anyone else. The word Commonwealth comes from sharing the common wealth, the riches of that country.

I believe in a radical transparency for our elected leaders. Radical transparency means our politicians have to govern openly and not be able to weaponise secrecy against its citizens.